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Sciatica treatment in Hadleigh

Don't let sciatic nerve pain affect your quality of life. Contact Backs For The Future for effective pain management assistance from our registered osteopaths.
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The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body and runs from the lower spine to the pelvis and all the way down to the feet. A misaligned lower spine may pinch the root of the sciatic nerve and cause a tingling pain as well as numbness throughout the body, especially the feet. At Backs For The Future, we have years of experience in helping patients manage this condition.
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Spinal manipulation

Our sciatica treatment methods include:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Reduction of nerve irritability
  • Application of gentle pressure
  • At-home exercises
nerve irritability

Total management of your condition

We'll provide a combination of the latest and time-tested treatments to treat you effectively. You can relax in our soothing practice, while we work on making you feel more comfortable.

We're registered with all insurers, including BUPA, AXA and Aviva so you're sure to have a stress-free experience, when you visit us. Contact us now for an appointment.
Contact Backs For The Future in Hadleigh for effective sciatica treatment.
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